Title: Fabio Moon: Serenity: It's Never Easy Page 01-10 Set   Page #: 1
Artist: Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon   Dimensions: 11.5 " X 17.5 "
$5,220.00 US
$6,000.00 CAN

From the Star Wars/Serenity Free Comic Book Day 2012 book, published by Dark Horse. Story by Zack Whedon. Free Comic Book Day books are among the most heavily printed and widely distributed works in modern comics, increasing their notoriety considerably.

Full title: Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64: It's Never Easy.

This is only being sold as a complete, 10-page story by Fabio Moon. Adding this page to your shopping cart, or purchasing it, will automatically purchase all 10 pages of original artwork.

Ink on illustration board.